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August Meetup – WCF Async Queryable Services

For data centric 3 tiers application, it is often useful to be able to query from the client tier directly. Microsoft provides two technologies to do this: WCF RIA Services and WCF Data Services. However, these technologies only support basic queries and the persistence is not optimal. This could be enough for basic scenarios but [...]

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November Meetup – 23rd of November at Central Hotel

On Wednesday the 23rd of November we are planning to talk about REST and ASP.NET MVC. As usual it will take place in Central Hotel in Dublin City Center. Note that the time is 6:30PM this time. You can sign up at EventBrite. Many websites claim to be RESTful when they use a pretty URL structure. [...]

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Calling Phone Developers

Microsft has invited Jeff Blankenburg (senior Windows Phone dev) to come to Ireland to give some training and guidance to developers working with Windows Phone 7. If you are interested in developing WP7 development this is your chance to get some insights into real life problems facing application developers. Microsoft have been kind enough to [...]

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March Meetup on the 23rd – Moonlight and C++ Interop

For the March meetup Alan McGovern will continue from Jeremie’s Mono talk last month and give us an overview of his experiences using C++ Interop for developing Moonlight

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