November Meetup – Temporal correlation and CEP with Event Store Projections

Got a great line up for Dublin this November.

First up we have Andrea Magnorsky giving us an Introduction to Game Development:

What are the essential working parts of a game? Different game architectures, a conversation on some of the interesting parts of developing games in C#

Bio: Andrea Magnorsky is a professional software developer and has accrued many years of experience building solid applications. She has been consuming new technologies and frameworks daily for the last 10 years in a never-ending quest for knowledge and a happy developer path.For the last two years she has been developing games and the proud co-founder of BatCat Games. Andrea is involved in the organisation of Global GameCraft, Alt Net in Dublin and other code related communities in Ireland.


Then we have James Nugent who is a developer on Greg Young’s EventStore project, coming over from the UK to give us a new talk on Temporal correlation and CEP with Event Store Projections:

Ever tried building a system to do complex event processing but ended up getting bogged down in all the infrastructure necessary? Or maybe you’ve tried running temporal correlation queries from a SQL database and become very familiar with nested subqueries… In this talk we’ll look at the projections model in the Event Store, and how it can be used both for CEP without the fuss, and as a better way of approaching temporal queries, using only Javascript!

Bio: James is a software developer from Bath, England. He works mostly on healthcare systems, travels a lot and is a connoisseur of cider and old guitars.


Both talks sound great. Really looking forward to them

Btw November’s meetup will most likely be the last of the year, so hope to see everyone there!

When & Where

The talk will be on Thursday, November 21st at the usual time and location: the Central Hotel on Exchequer St. at 6.30.

Please take a moment to register with EventBrite if you are planning on coming – the event is free as always thanks to our sponsors Wonga, but it helps me know the numbers for the room.

See you there,


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  1. Posted November 13, 2013 at 1:43 pm | Permalink

    Wow, I sound great there, like I actually know what I am going to talk about and all :D

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