August Meetup – WCF Async Queryable Services

For data centric 3 tiers application, it is often useful to be able to query from the client tier directly. Microsoft provides two technologies to do this: WCF RIA Services and WCF Data Services. However, these technologies only support basic queries and the persistence is not optimal. This could be enough for basic scenarios but it is not in many (most?) real life cases.
As consultant, Matthieu MEZIL worked with many customers who finds these technologies not good enough for what they want to do. Based on his experience he made a technology that would cover every query and that would really improve developers experience. It’s called WCF Async Queryable Services (WAQS). WAQS is not a framework, it’s a meta-framework.
In this session, Matthieu will talk about how to use WAQS, what are advantages of using a meta-framework instead of using a framework and, at the end, will talk about the future of WAQS.

The event is on in the usual spot – the Central Hotel on Exchequer St – on Wednesday 15th August at 6.30.

The event is free as always thanks to our sponsors Beam, but don’t forget to register on EventBrite if you plan on attending so we have an idea of the numbers.

Matthieu MEZIL is consultant and trainer at Infinite Square in Paris, France.
He is an INETA Speaker
He was C# MVP from 2008 to 2010 and from 2010 and he now is Data Plaform Development MVP from 2010. he was nominated MVP of the year in this category in 2011.
As a passionate developer, he worked for Roslyn team one year ago during his vacations.
He blogs at, mainly (but not only) on Entity Framework.

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