June Meetup – Pushing Through The Pain of TDD

IMPORTANT: Change of venue. We’ll be meeting on the 8th at 7pm in the Drury Court Hotel on Lower Stephens Street and not the usual Trinity Capital Hotel on Pearse St

Our next meetup will be on the 8th of June. Richard Dalton has kindly offered to do a talk for us. See details below.

For organizational purposes, don’t forget to pick up a ticket. Event is free as always, but it’s nice to know how many will be there.

See you there!

The Missing Link – Pushing Through The Pain Of TDD
Richard Dalton

If you’ve ever watched a skilled Test Driven Developer in Full flow it’s a
thing to behold. They move swiftly and assuredly taking multiple tiny
steps in places where you perhaps see only one large step, if you see any
steps at all.

When the job is done you’ll feel like it was all so simple and logical
that surely you could have gotten there too, but for some reason it never
seems to go to plan. You find yourself wondering how many more books and
articles you need to read, how many more presentations and Kata videos you
need to sit through before it all “Clicks” for you.

This session focuses on the pain that TDD practitioners encounter after
the first flush of success.  It’s about the challenges we face as we move
from simple contrived examples to making TDD work for “Real” problems, and
the “Aha!” moments that move us on to the next level.

The Irony of TDD is that it promotes the idea of tiny incremental steps,
but for most of us learning to practice TDD our focus is on the magicians
out on the horizon. This session will pull you back to reality and give
some closer targets to aim at.

When you leave this session, the magicians will still be a long way out in
front, but you’ll be a couple of steps closer, and hopefully you’ll have a
renewed sense of optimism that you can get there.

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