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Chapter 6 : The Art of Unit Testing

Chapter 6 was about test hierarchies and Organization. It goes through several practical tips. It starts off by telling us about the importance of automating the running of tests, and we agree there. It also recommends separating between slow and fast tests (this pretty much should be read as unit tests and integration test) so [...]

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November Meet up: 17th November at 7pm in Seagrass

Hi all: So the next meet up is the 17th of November at 7pm in Seagrass, however wondering if anyone wants to volunteer some talks? Please comment here Cheers and Thanks

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The Art of Unit Testing – Chapter 4

This chapter was about setting the basics on mocking. It starts talking about interaction testing, and how when we are using mocks we want to make sure that certain interactions have occurred, and not necessarily the result ( that would be state based testing). Then we move on to the definition of a mock object, [...]

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The Art of Unit Testing – Chapter 3

Chapter 3 is about stubs. The meat of this chapter is on the techniques used to break dependencies. To use most of these techniques you need to extract an interface and inject a stub into the class under test. The options presented in the book are: – Receive an interface at the constructor level – [...]

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OSS project idea: DoLean

This is another idea for an open source project. Quite simply it’s a web app that allows you to manage a kanban board. Kanwhat? If you were around for Claudio’s presentation on 15th of September past, you already know what kanban is (at least as much as I do anyway ). For those that weren’t there, [...]

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Open Source .Net XMPP client

Is there anyone that would like to help to build a .Net XMPP client library, open sourced under a commercial friendly licence? There are a few GPL and LGPL ones out there, but these aren’t suitable for mono, which I would like this library to support While XMPP’s (aka Jabber) original goal was to have [...]

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