Next Meetup – 18th of June 7pm at The Vaults


Hi all:

Some changes in the organization of the next meet: for a start we are changing venue: The Vaults have a projector, that we are hoping to put to good use, and its a separate room, meaning that might be simpler to hold a conversation. They also have food (this could be handy) and they are on the Dart line (exactly outside of Conolly Station), hopefully it will work out, we think its worth the try.

Another change is that we are giving eventbrite a go for confirming assistance here is the link to attend the meeting.

I believe the suggested topic  was Behaviour Driven Development and then go through some code and refactor it. If someone wants to volunteer some code, please reply to this thread.

Oh yeah, one last thing, we have created a twitter account @dublinaltnet to notify of events or links (if you think of any other usage, please comment).  There is also a LinkedIn group, thou not sure what for, I think it could be useful so people can interact with one another more than anything else.

Feedback on all greatly apreciated .




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  1. Claudio Perrone Says:

    Yes we are definitely going to do BDD. Andre and I will be more that happy to illustrate it.

  2. If there is a will, there is a way.. » Blog Archive » Events June 2009 Says:

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